Protecting Sight #111: What role does luck play in your life? Rest in Peace, Alan Crandall, MD. An ophthalmology legend on the global stage.

Welcome to my daily learning journal. My daily goal is to watch one Ted Talk and one cataract surgery. I also plan to read one journal article and read/listen to a book chapter, short story or significant work.

Here’s today’s list:

1. Ted Talk – Barry Schwartz: What role does luck play in your life? “Chance plays a far bigger role in life than we’re willing to admit, says psychologist Barry Schwartz. Of course, working hard and following the rules can get you far — but the rest could boil down to simple good fortune. Schwartz examines the overlooked link between luck, merit and success, offering an intriguing solution to equalize opportunity — starting with college admissions.” (

A compelling commentary on the role of luck and good fortune in our lives. I will seek out Professor Schwartz’ other Ted Talks which total 20 million+ views.

“About a half century ago, the philosopher John Rawls wrote a book called “A Theory of Justice,” and in that book, he introduced a concept that he called “the veil of ignorance.” The question he posed was: If you didn’t know what your position in society was going to be, what kind of a society would you want to create? And what he suggested is that when we don’t know whether we’re going to enter society at the top or at the bottom, what we want is a society that is pretty damn equal, so that even the unlucky will be able to live decent, meaningful and satisfying lives. ”

Professor Barry Schwartz (Ted Talk)
Dr. Alan S. Crandall
Rest in Peace, Alan Crandall MD.

I was honored to meet Alan Crandall, MD early in my career. I remember his innovative talks at national meetings (and often with an internal “Ohh wow” response). Dr. Crandall is an ophthalmology legend and ophthalmology mourns his passing (Moran Eye Center tribute here).

I share some of Dr. Crandall’s videos including an article with his fellow Ike Ahmed MD below.

2A. Alan Crandall, MD 2020 ASCRS Winning Video – New Pupil Expander Used for Capsular Bag Support. (YouTube). I watched this video a few months ago and immediately ordered samples from the manufacturer. Look forward to trying this expander in complicated cases.

2B. Alan Crandall MD tribute as Inaugural ASCRS Chang Humanitarian Award Recipient (YouTube).

3. Journal – Ahmed, Iqbal Ike K MDa; Crandall, Alan S MDa,* Ab externo scleral fixation of the Cionni modified capsular tension ring, Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery: July 2001 – Volume 27 – Issue 7 – p 977-981 doi: 10.1016/S0886-3350(01)00924-5

This is the first article I’ve found authored by Ike Ahmed MD and Alan Crandall MD. An amazing article and a recent YouTube video by Dr. Ahmed is poetry in action.

Wonderful to see how Dr. Crandall moved ophthalmology forward on a global stage. Protecting Sight one patient at a time.

Walt Whitman, steel engraving, July 1854.jpg

4. Book Chapter – Walt Whitman – Leaves of GrassSparknotesWikipedia, and Gutenberg. Book 34.

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