In 2014, I fulfilled a twenty-year promise to pay forward the generosity of those who helped me afford a college and medical school education.  I was a proud financial aid kid at Yale.  During medical school, I took 100% student loans and benefitted from three scholarships from my national fraternity.  I promised myself that the first scholarship I endowed would be to the Sigma Chi Foundation.

Ravi D Goel M.D. Medical Scholarship (Sigma Chi Foundation) IMG_3204.JPG

Congratulations to the five recipients of the Ravi D. Goel M.D. Medical Scholarship (Sigma Chi Foundation):

  • 2015 Daniel Choi (Yale College, University of Michigan Medical School)
  • 2016 Nicholas Kassis (Wake Forest, Loyola Chicago Stritch School of Medicine)
  • 2017 Walter Hsiang (Yale College, Yale School of Medicine)
  • 2018 Brendan Innes (UConn, UMass Medical School)
  • 2019 John Harringa (Yale College, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine)

One scholarship recipient wrote:

“I cannot thank the Sigma Chi Foundation and Dr. Ravi Goel enough for this generous award. At present, I enter my fourth and final year of medical school, as I pursue a residency in internal medicine. This year brings the excitement of exploring career paths and determining where I will end up for the next couple years. Unfortunately this also carries the financial burdens of traveling for interviews and taking national examinations. This scholarship will greatly assist with these costs. The financial support is not the only aspect that I am thankful for though. From what I’ve read about Dr. Ravi Goel, he appears to be an outstanding clinician and physician instructor in his field, both of which I aspire to be in the future. I hope to follow his excellent example. I am deeply honored to be one of the first Ravi Goel Medical Scholars.”

Sigma Chi brothers and graduates should consider applying for a medical school & other wonderful scholarship opportunities (undergraduate and graduate) directly through the Sigma Chi Foundation.


Yale Reunion Gift will support scholarships in Pauli Murray College & Benjamin Franklin College

I am constantly inspired by philanthropists and community leaders who continue to support students at all stages in their educational journey.  No more so than the alumni and supporters at Yale.


My 25th reunion was the perfect time to celebrate and honor the opportunities which the Yale experience creates.


The Juliette RP Vision Foundation (Retinitis Pigmentosa)


The Juliette RP Vision Foundation supports scholarships for visually impaired college students.  Founded by ophthalmologist and friend Rob Melendez MD, the Juliette Foundation provides a wonderful opportunity to give back and invest in education. They plan to award 10 scholarships and 2 research grants each year. I was delighted to join friends Jeff Maltzman MD & Sidney Gicheru MD in sponsoring a scholarship for the #NightForSight2019 event.