Patients often learn about their ophthalmologist from a primary care provider, family member, friend, or co-worker. After a patient learns about a physician & eye surgeon, she often performs a Google search and looks at physician review sites.

I once stumbled upon the patient review above which stated, “Dr. Goel is not personable.” This was a review from an out-of-state individual whose name did not appear in our patient database (Healthgrades has since changed their posts to remove reviewers full names).

I quickly learned that patient reviews, which can be posted anonymously, can adversely affect a physician’s online reputation.

Warren Buffett’s adage that it takes 20-years to build a reputation and 5-minutes to ruin it certainly applies to online rating sites.

Patient reviews drive health care

The 3 most important physician rating sites are Google, Google, and Google!

If you are a current or former patient who has had a 5-star experience with our practice, please share your 5-star ratings online. Every review helps to improve the patient experience & only takes a minute!

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