Dr. Goel speaks on protecting online reputation and creating collaborative partnerships. Recent talks are available on YouTube below.

1. 5 Pearls to Transform Your Physician Brand (9 minutes)

My top 5 pearls which will help physicians and professionals create & curate a physician (personal) brand.

2. Protect Your Online Reputation (2017) (60 minutes)

Patients increasingly rely on internet rating sites to find medical providers. The information on these websites is rarely monitored and reviews are often inaccurate. A single negative comment can damage professional reputation and affect practice growth. Monitoring online presence and social media to address negative comments is a daunting task which can no longer be ignored.

Dr. Goel provides strategies to effectively monitor your online reputation. You will learn common techniques to support promoters, address critics, engage in social media, and establish a positive internet presence.

You’ll learn how to effectively address negative comments, which may otherwise ruin your professional reputation, practice success, and profitability.

3. Growing Your Practice Through Collaborative Partnerships (2019) (60 minutes)

By collaborating with other physicians and practices, you can amplify your strengths, shore up your weaknesses, and save time and money. Shared authority, resources, and accountability between practices can help you achieve common goals that would otherwise be very difficult or expensive to accomplish.

In this session, Ravi D. Goel, MD, introduces numerous leadership and collaboration concepts to help ophthalmic and medical practices realize their full potential.

You’ll learn: The three behaviors of a collaborative leadership style, essential when forming partnerships. Common collaboration mis-steps that can throw your plan off track and how to overcome barriers. Leadership and partnership lessons from some of today’s business experts.