Great pearls for Academic Surgeons — and all physicians & surgeons — to use social media.

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Academic Surgery - Jersey Style

1. Networking
Unless you have your own personal mentor willing to walk you around to make introductions to academic surgeons, it can be very difficult or even awkward to network with people who you look up to. By being active on social media, it is easy to learn who is active in various surgical fields and just as easy to participate in conversations via social media.

Anecdotally, I was very active in the International General Surgery Journal Club – a monthly journal club on Twitter where a journal article was selected and a guest author and a moderator were available for 2-3 days to tweet about the article and answer questions. Upon attending the Academic Surgical Congress the following year I was in an elevator with the current President of the AAS, and he came up to me to shake my hand and introduce himself. He said, “oh hey, you’re…

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