Patient experience walk-through at an outpatient ophthalmology practice during COVID-19. Enhanced safety protocols, expedited check-in, masks, PPE, and cleaning measures. #ProtectingSight

Regional Eye Associates has implemented COVID-19 safety protocols in our two-ophthalmologist practice. This includes standardized pre-screening protocols, expedited check-in & check-out, waiting room changes, required masks for all patients & staff, PPE, cleaning and extra safety innovations.  

Patients are screened prior to a visit for COVID-19 symptoms using CDC guidelines. On arrival, the patient calls the front desk at 856-795-8787 or rings the doorbell. The patient checks-in at a new check-in desk near the front door.  An ophthalmic technician performs a patient work-up. Patients, family members, and staff wear masks.  If a patient is able to walk by themselves, then family members are asked to wait in their cars during a patient visit.

The technician enters the chart visit information — including chief complaint, medical history, medications and compliance, visual acuity and testing — into our EMR (electronic medical record).

The ophthalmologist reviews the chart, speaks with the patient, and performs the examination.  Talking is limited when the ophthalmologist and patient are within six feet.  

The ophthalmologist will then discuss the treatment plan with the patient and family members. The plan may include continuing current medications, adding or changing medications, scheduling follow-up studies, consultations, and/or procedures. Medication prescriptions are sent electronically to the pharmacy. The patient receives a secure email via our patient portal at the end of the day or next morning. As well, our staff mails the patient a visit summary, co-pay receipt, and follow-up appointment date.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Miano & Goel, contact Regional Eye Associates using the online form here or send a secure message via our patient portal.

If you have a sudden loss of vision, trauma, chemical injury or other injury, you should call 911 and go to the nearest emergency room.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has an excellent coronavirus guide for eye patients here.


  1. My appointment with Dr. Miano yesterday went very well. Every one took special care to keep me safe from Covid. Very impressed.

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