Protecting Sight #86: 4 steps to ending extreme poverty.

Welcome to my daily learning journal. My daily goal is to watch one Ted Talk and one cataract surgery. I also plan to read one journal article and read/listen to a book chapter, short story or significant work.

Here’s today’s list:

1. Ted Talk – Shameran Abed – 4 steps to ending extreme poverty. “At least 400 million people worldwide live in ultra-poverty: a state of severe financial and social vulnerability that robs many of hope and dignity. At BRAC, an international development organization focused on fighting poverty, Shameran Abed and his team have developed a sustainable, multi-faceted program that has already helped millions lift themselves out of poverty and create lives full of possibility. Learn more about their audacious plan to partner with governments to bring this life-changing program to an additional 21 million people in the next six years. (This ambitious plan is a part of the Audacious Project, TED’s initiative to inspire and fund global change.)” (

An inspirational story. I am reminded of Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s speech on the Day of Affirmation in South Africa, which was memorialized by his brother Senator Edward Kennedy at RFK’s funeral. “Few will have the greatness to bend history; but each of us can work to change a small portion of the events, and in the total of all these acts will be written the history of this generation.” (See “Day of Affirmation Address” via the JFK Library site here).

2. Cataract Surgery – Uday Devgan MD – Safety with Cannula Use – be careful!

3. Journal – EyeNet Magazine (August 2020). New E/M Rules for Office Visits, Part 1: The Medically Relevant Patient History Written By: Sue Vicchrilli, COT, OCS, OCSR, Academy Director of Coding and Reimbursement, With David B. Glasser, MD, Robert S. Gold, MD, FAAP, Emily P. Jones, MD, and John T. McCallister, MD.

CMS is streamlining the history component of the office exam.

Walt Whitman, steel engraving, July 1854.jpg

4. Book Chapter – Walt Whitman – Leaves of Grass: Sparknotes, Wikipedia, and Gutenberg. Book 4.

5. (BONUS) Join us for a webinar on COVID-19 and Global Eye Health with an emphasis on the Indian and American Scenario.

Hosted by Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, Mumbai in association with National Eye Institute, NIH USA and Indo -American Chamber of Commerce.

Tuesday September 8, at 5:30 pm IST (USA: 8 am – 9 am EST)


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