Protecting Sight #144: “A Bird Made of Birds.” Aphakic Refraction Technique & Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis-Related Uveitis. Leonardo’s Lady with an Ermine.

Welcome to my daily learning journal. My daily goal is to watch one Ted Talk and one cataract surgery. I also plan to read one journal article and read/listen to a book chapter, short story or significant work.

Here’s today’s list:

1. Ted Talk – Sarah Kay: “A Bird Made of Birds”. “”The universe has already written the poem you were planning on writing,” says Sarah Kay, quoting her friend, poet Kaveh Akbar. Performing “A Bird Made of Birds,” she shares how and where she finds poetry. (Kay is also the host of TED’s podcast “Sincerely, X.” Listen on the Luminary podcast app at” (

Sarah Kay is a remarkable poet and TED speaker. Please also see her Ted Talk featured in Protecting Sight #35 here.

2. Cataract Surgery – Richard Mackool MD – Episode 23: The Aphakic Refraction Technique. Dr. Mackool writes, “Determination of the correct IOL power for a highly myopic eye with posterior staphyloma is fraught with difficulty. Here I employ two methods that can permit measurement of both the spherical and astigmatic power of the desired IOL, including the degree of “retinal astigmatism” caused by the staphyloma. I demonstrate the use of both wavefront technology and the Aphakic Refraction Technique (manifest refraction) to calculate the power of the IOL that is then inserted on the day following
cataract removal.”

Issue cover for Volume 127, Issue 4

3A. Journal – Cataract Risk and Topical Corticosteroids among Children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis-Related Uveitis. Michal Kramer, Oren Tomkins-Netzer. Ophthalmology April 2020. S19-S20.

3B. Risk of Cataract Development among Children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis-Related Uveitis Treated with Topical Corticosteroids. Jennifer E. Thorne, Fasika A. Woreta, James P. Dunn, Douglas A. Jabs. Ophthalmology April 2020. S21-S26.

4. Book Chapter – Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson. Chapter 16, “The Milan Portraits.” Excellent pearls and details of the featured portraits.

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