My ophthalmology learning begins each day with the latest pearls from (Uday Devgan MD)

I learn clinical pearls each day from, which was started by my friend Uday Devgan MD.  I honestly don’t know how he has the energy to create so many superb cataract surgery videos.  Uday has gone 500+ straight days with a blog post which includes new cases and reviews of ophthalmology principles.

The site includes an opportunity to submit challenging clinical cases.  The cases submitted by colleagues worldwide have been phenomenal and have made me a better surgeon.  I often hear Uday’s voice when I come across a clinical challenge in the OR.

I’m honored to have my second submission posted to Dr. Devgan’s website.

1. Bleeding from Pupil Expander! Now What? (July 11, 2018) – I think I was one of the first guest surgeons on the site!



2. Two-Handed Capsulorhexis Technique (February 4, 2020) – I learned this technique from Uday’s site!  My own apologies that the video filter was dark on this recording.

With thanks to Dr. Devgan for educating colleagues worldwide!  He’s constantly on the cutting edge. Check out and please submit videos to this wonderful site.


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