Pearls on proper use of surgical face masks, gloves, & NIH 3-D printed face shields in an ophthalmology office. #ProtectingSight

As we prepare for ophthalmology offices to open in the coming weeks, I wanted to share some pearls for the proper use of surgical face masks, gloves, and 3-D printed face shields in an ophthalmology office. I found some useful links below and made a short 2 minute video.

1. Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19 (CDC PDF)

2. How to Remove Gloves (CDC PDF)

3. 3D printable headband Face Shield DtM-v3.1 (NIH 3D Print Exchange)

From a spec sheet posted on the NIH link above, “This face shield protects the face by limiting aerosol and splatter exposure from the front and from above. It is a supplementary face shield created as an emergency action to provide backup personal protective equipment (PPE) options if the standard PPE is unavailable. This device has gone through a special verification process expedited strictly for the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

With thanks to Sona Dadhania, Ankur Dadhania and their parents for making 3-D printed face masks for frontline workers and healthcare colleagues!

Sona Dadhania bought a 3D printer to help frontline healthcare workers & colleagues

With the Dadhania family help, I donated 30 face shields to the Abington – Jefferson Health OB-Gyn residency program. Thanks to the OB residents for being available 24/7!

Abington – Jefferson Health OB Gyn interns & residents sporting their new face shields.

(*** Bonus pearl: See my related blog post & instructional video: How to make a Slit Lamp protective shield in 2 minutes. )


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