Protecting Sight #300: The lost art of letter-writing & sports writing. Sutured capsular tension segment & light-near dissociation. Join us for Sunday’s #ComedyNightICC!

Welcome to my daily learning journal. My daily goal is to watch one Ted Talk and one cataract surgery. I also plan to read one journal article and read/listen to a book chapter, podcast, or significant work.

Here is today’s list:

1. Ted Talk – Lakshmi Pratury: The lost art of letter-writing. “Lakshmi Pratury remembers the lost art of letter-writing and shares a series of notes her father wrote to her before he died. Her short but heartfelt talk may inspire you to set pen to paper, too.” (

Hand-written letters are indeed a lost art. I love receiving and sending hand written notes.

2. Cataract Surgery – Uday Devgan MD – 1068: sutured capsular tension segment. Great case.

3. Andrew Lee MD – Light near dissociation.

Dr. Lee’s 450+ neuro-ophthalmology reviews are around 5 minutes each. Perfect for the busy clinician & trainee. I plan to watch one a day, from oldest to newest.

4. William Zinsser, On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction. Chapter 17, “Sports.”

Zinsser’s book is filled with writing pearls. He mentions John Updike’s 1960 New Yorker article on Ted Williams last game at Fenway Park, “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu,” as a classic in the literature of baseball writing.

5. ICC Comedy Night is back! We’ve gathered a top-tier line up for our popular comedy night event!

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Sunday, April 11, 7:30 pm EST (not IST!)

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