#ProtectingSight #386: A TedEd on the Declaration of Independence. Posterior assisted levitation (PAL), retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL), and optic nerve hypoplasia. The joys of compounding & lifelong learning.

Welcome to my daily learning journal. Here is today’s list:

1. Ted Talk – Kenneth C. Davis: What you might not know about the Declaration of Independence. “In June 1776, a little over a year after the start of the American Revolutionary War, the US Continental Congress huddled together in a hot room in Philadelphia to talk independence. Historian Kenneth C. Davis dives into some of the lesser known facts about the process of writing the Declaration of Independence and questions one very controversial omission. (Directed by Karrot Animation, narrated by Kenneth C. Davis)” (ted.com)

Love TedEd talks. 5 minutes, fast-paced and filled with insights.

2. Cataract Surgery – Uday Devgan MD – 1154: posterior assisted levitation PAL. Well done.

3. Andrew Lee MD – Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer (RNFL).

Dr. Lee’s neuro-ophthalmology reviews are perfect for lifelong learning.

4A. EyeNet (June 2021)Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. Written By: Kim Lawrence Ah-See, MBChB, and Jonathan Chan, MBBCh, FRCOphth, Edited By: Bennie H. Jeng, MD. Excellent review.

4B. Gautam Baid – The Joys of Compounding: The Passionate Pursuit of Lifelong Learning, Revised and Updated (Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing Series). Introduction, Chapter 1-2.

I continue to enjoy books on value investing, lifelong learning, mental models, and more. Excellent early chapters with amazing quotations.

Happy July 4th!

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