#ProtectingSight #578: Why great leaders take humor seriously. Bimanual anterior vitrectomy & IIH. Dr. Kelman’s remarkable journey.

Welcome to my daily learning journal. Here is today’s list:

1. Ted Talk – Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas: Why great leaders take humor seriously.

2. Cataract surgery – Uday Devgan MD – 1347: resident anterior vitrectomy.

3. Andrew Lee MD – IIH – Bolt ICP Monitoring.

NODAL is a daily masterclass on ophthalmic & medical topics.

4. Charles D. Kelman MD – Through My Eyes: The Story of a Surgeon Who Dared to Take on the Medical World (1985). Chapters 20-22 & Epilogue. Finished!

Dr. Kelman shared his remarkable journey. Many chapters left me with an “Ohh Wow” moment.

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