Cataract Surgery & Anterior Vitrectomy – Favorite Videos

I enjoyed the Wills Eye Residents teaching program on anterior vitrectomy for cataract surgeons. Below are excellent resources I’ve found. I’ll continue to add pearls to this page.


  1. Uday Devgan, MD – CataractCoach – Anterior Vitrectomy & Sulcus IOL with Optic Capture – This includes Dr. Devgan’s 15 steps for performing anterior vitrectomy. (Pro tip – I have this as a print-out for easy reference in the operating room.)
  2. Uday Devgan, MD – CataractCoach – Anterior Vitrectomy Playlist (4 videos)
  3. Dr. Deepak Megur – Anterior Vitrectomy Technique for Cataract Surgeons (YouTube)
  4. Dr. Deepak Megur – Impending Nucleus Drop & PC Tear (YouTube)
  5. D. Brian Kim MD – Managing Posterior Capsule Rupture (YouTube)

Presentations / Articles

  1. Dr Josepine Christy – Aravind Pondicherry – Understanding the Principles of Anterior Vitrectomy (YouTube, 31 minutes)
  2. Steve Charles, MD, FACS, FICS – Anterior Vitrectomy and Posterior Loss of Lens Material During Cataract Surgery (YouTube, 38 minutes)
  3. Steve Charles, MD, FACS, FICS – Anterior Vitrectomy: Concepts From a Retina Specialist (CRSToday) – Article and three minute video highlights.
  4. Robert Cionni, MD – The Eye Institute of Utah – Vitrectomy for Cataract Surgeons (YouTube, 15 minutes)
  5. AIOS Masterclass on Anterior Vitrectomy for Cataract Surgeons (YouTube, starts at 32:00)
  6. Susan M MacDonald, MD – Anterior Vitrectomy (AAO 2016, ONE Network, may need login, 5 minutes)

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