Congratulations to my brother Sonny Goel MD! 95,000+ Refractive Surgeries & the first ophthalmologist to perform SMILE procedure in Maryland!

81843195_1284196258433502_7323678967855054848_n.jpgCongratulations to my brother Sonny Goel MD! He’s performed more than 95,000+ refractive surgeries since starting clinical practice in 1997.  He’s now the first to perform the SMILE procedure in Maryland!  SMILE is an acronym for “Small Incision Lenticular Extraction” and is a unique advancement in vision enhancing procedures.


And nothing beats a patient testimonial on their own social media channel:


Congratulations again to my older brother and his dedication to #ProtectingSight.  Wonderful to see the opportunity which patients have to benefit from better vision.

To learn about the SMILE procedure, please visit

(He coined the name before me!)


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