#ProtectingSight daily learning: One Ted Talk, cataract surgery video, journal article, and book chapter (Episode #2)

Welcome to day #2 of my daily learning goal. I’ve committed to watching one TedTalk and one cataract surgery video each day. In addition, I plan to read one journal article and one book chapter, short story or other piece of work.

So each day — in between podcasts, Google News, YouTube, and countless other distractions — I will share 4 items of learning that I’ve viewed or read the same day. This page will be posted after I’ve completed the tasks.

There are no other rules.

Here’s today’s list:

  1. Ted Talk – Sir Ken Robinson – Do schools kill creativity?. This is most viewed Ted Talk ever (65.5 million views). I watched this a few years ago and well worth the second visit.

2. Cataract Surgery Video – Routine Cataract Surgery by Ike Ahmed MD. Ike Ahmed is referred to as a “rock star” among ophthalmology colleagues worldwide. He is constantly innovating, and his twice weekly webinars during the COVID-19 crisis brought together thousands of ophthalmologists worldwide to share in learning.

3A. Journal article –Factors Predictive of Remission of Chronic Anterior Uveitis Sobrin, Lucia et al. Ophthalmology. 2020; 127(6): 826-834. Approximately one third of patients with chronic anterior uveitis remit within 5 years. Longer duration of uveitis, younger age, bilateral uveitis, prior cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, presence of keratic precipitates and synechiae, and systemic diagnoses of juvenile idiopathic arthritis and spondyloarthropathy predict reduced remission incidence; patients with these factors should be managed taking into account the higher probability of a longer disease course.

3B. Journal Editorial – Waste in the US Health Care System-Insights For Vision Health. Flora Lum MD and Paul Lee MD, JD. JAMA Ophthalmology. 2019; 137(12): 1351-1352.

4. Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book 2. I was inspired to read Meditations by listening to podcasts on value investing and stoicism. (See my Inaugural post) Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations is mentioned often among the hosts & guests. Here are links to free translations online:

  1. Meditations on the Guttenberg Project site (Produced by J. Boulton, and David Widger)
  2. Meditations on mit.edu (George Long translation)
  3. Meditations on YouTube (Reading by Chris Krause, based upon the Gregory Hays translation)

5. (Bonus) When I started mindful meditation, I found this amazing free 10-minute session on YouTube. 10 million views and a wonderful start to the day.

I hope you enjoy these selections.

(Addendum: I have created a page with all Protecting Sight Daily Learning posts here).

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