Protecting Sight Daily Learning #31: How video vibrations re-create sound (Ted Talk). COVID-19 delays lead to glaucoma and macular degeneration blindness.

Welcome to day #31 of my daily learning journal. My goal is to watch one Ted Talk and one cataract surgery each day. In addition, I plan to read one journal article and read/listen to a book chapter, short story or significant work.

Here’s today’s list:

1. Ted Talk Abe Davis: New video technology that reveals an object’s hidden properties – “Subtle motion happens around us all the time, including tiny vibrations caused by sound. New technology shows that we can pick up on these vibrations and actually re-create sound and conversations just from a video of a seemingly still object. But now Abe Davis takes it one step further: Watch him demo software that lets anyone interact with these hidden properties, just from a simple video.” (

An Instagram friend sent me this video. This is super cool. I wonder how this technology can be applied in the years ahead.

2. Cataract Surgery – Managing Complex Cases Post COVID-19 (MST recorded today, webinar should be available within a few days) – “Complex cases can arise at any time.  In the COVID-19 landscape, minimizing complications is perhaps more important now than ever.  Learn how the experts prepare and what devices they keep on hand for when challenging cases occur.”

An amazing one hour webinar. Many of Ike’s other webinars are on his YouTube site.

Ike has redefined COVID education. He’s promised not to get a haircut until 4 billion people have received a COVID-19 vaccine. Then he’ll livestream his haircut on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Zoom.

3. Journal – Estimating excess visual loss in people with neovascular age-related macular degeneration during the COVID-19 pandemic. Darren S Thomas et. al. doi:

When I saw Dr Radcliffe’s tweet, I was reminded of a parking lot pressure I performed on an established patient who needed urgent glaucoma referral. This was in the early months of COVID social distancing and the parking lot pressure was the best option to see established patients with glaucoma who needed pressure and vision monitoring. (See my blog on parking lot pressure pearls here.)

Coincidentally, I was on a call this morning with Dr. Natarajan (international retina surgeon & past president of the All-India Ophthalmology Society, AIOS) who mentioned the UK paper on macular degeneration modeling and vision loss from delay of care during COVID-19. Worth a read.

Bottomline: COVID-19 social distancing & isolation may lead to delay in diagnosis with subsequent permanent vision loss. Our mission of protecting sight has never been greater than now.

4. Book Chapter – Herman Melville – Moby Dick. Listened to Chapters 68-77 via See also Sparknotes (narration) and Gutenberg (book text). The Sperm Whale’s Head vs. The Right Whale’s Head.

I made the mistake of watching a whale kill on YouTube. Do not recommend.

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