#ProtectingSight #333: Co-ops as the economy’s invisible giant. Infant lensectomy & HPI’s. Diabetic retinopathy (DR) becomes diabetic retinal disease (DRD).

Welcome to my daily learning journal. Here is today’s list:

1. Ted Talk – Anu Puusa: The case for co-ops, the invisible giant of the economy. Good talk.

2. Cataract Surgery – Uday Devgan MD – 1101: Infant Lensectomy Technique. Well done.

3. Andrew Lee MD – History of presenting illness.

Dr. Lee’s 450+ neuro-ophthalmology reviews are perfect for lifelong learning.

4. EyeNet (April 2021) – Catching up on EyeNet issues!

News in Review is a favorite, high yield section:

Grading Diabetic Eye Damage: Time for a New System?

Metastasis Update: Stage IV Uveal Melanoma

Posterior Segment Involved in JIA-Associated Uveitis

Ongoing Damage From Cosmetic Iris Implants

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