#ProtectingSight #335: How India’s local recyclers could solve plastic pollution. Pre-chopper technique & acute retinal ischemia. Relationships vs. transactions.

Welcome to my daily learning journal. Here is today’s list:

1. Ted Talk – Mani Vajipey: How India’s local recyclers could solve plastic pollution. “India has one of the world’s highest rates of plastic recycling, thanks largely to an extensive network of informal recyclers known as “kabadiwalas.” Entrepreneur Mani Vajipey discusses his work to organize their massive efforts into a collection system that could put India on the path to ending plastic pollution — and show the rest of the world how to do it, too.” (ted.com)

Enjoyed this Ted Talk. Love the innovations & future potential of recycling.

2. Cataract Surgery – Uday Devgan MD – 1103: Pre-Chopper Technique. Excellent technique.

3. Andrew Lee MD – Dr. Golnik with Dr. Lee on CRAO, BRAO, and transient monocular vision loss. See also this OMIC post on management of acute retinal ischemia.

Dr. Lee’s 450+ neuro-ophthalmology reviews are perfect for lifelong learning.

4. Episode 110: Jim Collins: Relationships vs. Transactions — “Renowned researcher and author Jim Collins makes his second appearance on The Knowledge Project, this time to share a wealth of life lessons learned from his mentor and collaborator, Bill Lazier. Jim recently released BE 2.0 (Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0), an ambitious upgrade of his first book Beyond Entrepreneurship, co-authored with Lazier and focused on effective leadership style. Shane discusses all new topics with Jim in their follow-up conversation, including what it means to be a mentor and a father, why we should trust by default, why we confuse living a long life with a great life, and the difference between being afraid of risk and being afraid of ambiguity.”

Love Jim Collins’ book Good to Great. Both of his guest appearances with Shane Parrish are intellectual jam sessions.

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