Protecting Sight #256: How memories form and how we lose them. Corticocapsular adhesion, sellar masses and MRI, probabilistic thinking, & KOL Knockout Cataract Edition.

Welcome to my daily learning journal. My daily goal is to watch one Ted Talk and one cataract surgery. I also plan to read one journal article and read/listen to a book chapter, podcast, or significant work.

Here is today’s list:

1. Ted Talk – Catharine Young: How memories form and how we lose them. “Think back to a really vivid memory. Got it? Now try to remember what you had for lunch three weeks ago. That second memory probably isn’t as strong— but why not? Why do we remember some things, and not others? And why do memories eventually fade? Catharine Young gives the basics on memory and memory loss. [Directed by Patrick Smith, narrated by Pen-Pen Chen].” (

Ted has many superb talks on the brain, sleep, and memory. This talk is pretty good.

2. Cataract Surgery – Dr. Neto Rosatelli – Phaco Clip #125​ – Corticocapsular Adhesion. Excellent case.

3. Andrew Lee MD – Sellar masses and MRI. Great short reviews of neuro-ophthalmology concepts.

4. The Great Mental Models Volume 1: General Thinking Concepts by Shane Parrish and Rhiannon Beaubien. 2019. “Probabilistic Thinking.” (First half of chapter) Each chapter is filled with thoughtful concepts and superb references.

5. With thanks to Uday Devgan MD, Zaina Al-Mohtaseb MD, Robert Melendez, Evolve Medical Education, and Alcon Vision for sponsoring the KOL Knockout™: Cataract Edition session. Dr. Devgan lead a fast-paced discussion with real-world complicated cataract cases. Watched 9 cases! Stay tuned for the link as the webinar will be archived with 12 month access! Registration (FREE CME!)

And congratulations to Dr. Al-Mohtaseb for winning the KOL Knockout (Round 1)!

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